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So when you have a developer blog you will need to address 2 major pipelines:

  1. Writing pipeline
  2. Publishing pipeline

For me, pipeline 1 is currently flowing like milk at a baby breakfast, unstoppable. Especially, since I made writing a daily habit. Can only recommend 🍼

Number 2, on the other hand, feels more like I'm learning to go potty, stuffs just stuck in there.

This is how my publishing pipeline looks like so far more or less:

  1. getting your writing from the notes app into the actual blogging software
  2. editing (main editors: Grammarly, sometimes Hemingway app, and sometimes my own brain)
  3. syncing with other posts in the pipeline if they have dependencies
  4. finding or creating a visual, at least for the header image

And I'm not even speaking of the distribution pipeline, which sometimes also may stop you from publishing for various reasons 🙈

All of this, definitely does not support a 100words/day writing habit. Once the bottleneck is blocking, all the publishing stands still...

So what are the solutions? Creating less content? Nope, too much fun. Hiring someone? Yes, but later 🤑 Automating everything? Yes, later... ⏰ Making time? Yessss, better planning could go some way, let's see how it goes next week.

Anyway, let's look at this, for me personally, crazy month:

I've ditched Goodreads for a more inclusive and sensible reading list:

I've dug more into Basecamp's Shape Up project management methodology to support finishing my memocortex.com side project, maybe that's also something for you to experiment with in your side projects?

Plan to have your side project on Heroku? Well I thought you can have a couple of them for just 5 bucks a month. Turned out it's more money, but more importantly much more manual work and brain decision muscle workout than I would have ever expected...

Bouwe and I talked about giving talks and developer content. I thought about going to the RailsConf this year, but now I'm also thinking about giving a talk 🤣 Check out episode 7 if you'd like to get psyched up too:

Next week, we'll look at some Rails on Docker, Rails pitfalls, and more Shaping Up 👋
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