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Kill Tailwind - Rails on Dockers - Shape Up side projects

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I'm revving up a bit on my main side project using (tiny parts) of the Shape Up project management technique. One of the main ideas of Shape Up is to have a Team. I'm a team of one, but still, that's the team. The team needs to be laser-focused on the task and be protected from other stuff. I've been partly good at getting myself to work on the project. But partly I'm also not getting to full steam.

I have a couple of hours each day that I could devote to so many things, but making the side project a priority before other habits until the project is due on the 26th will be my main focus next week 👀

Kill Tailwind

I'm writing down things that I notice while working on memocortex.com, so I turned my enlightenment around CSS and Tailwind into a couple of posts:

Dockerizing your Rails app

There was a sudden surge of people I know needing to dockerize their app end of last year. So I dug into it and summarized how I went about learning to dockerize a Rails app:


Bouwe and I have been curious for 8 episodes now about all kinds of awesome tech stuff 🎉 EIGHT. Rails, Ruby, React, JS, computer science, career, you name it!


We are now looking for easy solutions to combine live events, recordings, organic discovery, video, and podcasting. And guess what, there are no easy solutions. But no worries, we are on it to give people the easiest solution for consuming and keeping up-to-date with our curious production house 💪

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