Plug or not plug, this is the question.

ConcreteAPI is a project inspired by

AbstractAPI offers a set of utility APIs so you as the developer do not have to build a bunch of stuff that someone else already has a solution for. According to AbstractAPI, the most popular APIs are email address and phone validation APIs, Geolocation API and data enrichment API.

The goals of the ConcreteAPI project are:

  • Instead of having those APIs, landing pages and docs scattered all over, have everything in one place using a great doc generation platform.
  • Have SDKs for different languages auto-generated.
  • Explore which parts can be open-sourced.
  • If something has to be paid for, e.g. because ConcreteAPI needs to hit another paid API, have a pay as you hit pricing model and a more generous free tier powered by serverless.
  • Explore incorporation of new APIs, like a email spam detector API, score tracking API, and more data enrichment APIs.
  • Adding features like history tracking.
  • Adding security features like not having API key and all other payload just as query param.
  • Adding design features like not having dates as UNIX timestamps.
  • (optional side quest) Starting to build this on Rails, a pleasant side effect would be to bring a FastAPI like experience to Ruby on Rails on the way.
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