Heroku's eco plan is not as eco for your personal Rails projects

Heroku's eco plan is not as eco for your personal Rails projects
eco coming down on you
In: infrastructure

In a previous post, I shared that it's nice that you could have multiple projects on Heroku for 5$ with the eco plan.

I thought it would be a nice way to keep my projects there and support Heroku.

But it has some gotchas that are a bit lame.

You can't really have just a Rails project for 5$ bucks because you need a postgres database configured which is 5$ extra. So it's 5$ extra per project here, maybe it's charged per usage maybe flat, not sure yet.

Also with the eco plan, if you want to run it with your own domain you'll need to have your own SSL certificate which you can buy somewhere lake at namecheap.com for 10$ or so (upgrade to a higher plan of course, then I think Heroku is taking over for you).

But all the money issues are still fine if you are having fun with your app.

What actually is troublesome are all the inconveniences that come with it. You would need to set it up yourself, which means time investment and not exactly the Heroku experience that you are looking for.

Once you'd like to add Sidekiq into the mix, Redis will cost you 3$ more... And whatever else to come...

It all might still be much easier than setting everything up yourself on your own servers. And I might be very spoiled for how Heroku worked for me before without all that additional decision making and time investment. But I hope you will still allow me to say that eco is not that eco after all if you'd like to do anything extra with your Rails app.

EDIT: So in the meanwhile I got the email with my SSL certificate 🥱 Guess I finally can do so more infrastructure work that Heroku used to take care of for me 💩⛈️
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