Integrate'n'Automate Solutions Hangout

Integrate'n'Automate Solutions Hangout
Gotta be warned.
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Automating things in your life can save you time and mental energy which are rare but crucial resources in a world distracted by phones and screens. Same for businesses, only that all time and mental energy saved also translate directly into dollars.

You know that. But you still end up doing that manual boring task once a day for 5 minutes which translate into 6 wasted days of your life over 5 years:

Is It Worth the Time?
Sourced from the epic:

Imagine a world where you could just get out there into the 2024+ Internet and automate it? Maybe chat with a robot and get a great solution for it?

Umm, actually, this is almost reality. The only unsurmountable thing that stands between you and your automated business is actually building it. Building it the right way.

This is why some engineers, automation builders and I are meeting to chat about problems and solutions in the automation space. We'll discuss challenges related to:

  • Designing, building, integrating and using Web APIs the right way.
  • Enriching your existing data (think scraping and data enrichment APIs).
  • Finding the right no-code and low-code solutions for the job (think Zapier).
  • AI automation to make everything even more awesome and useful, at the same time avoiding a mess.
  • Defining your automation's purpose, feasibility and the right tools for it from all of the above.

If you have an automation challenge you'd like some brains on or just want to listen in, please check this out and drop in for an Integrate'n'Automate session:

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