Top Developer Contract

Your Road To a Top Developer Contract

Your Road To a Top Developer Contract
It's bumpy, but it goes from hope to red rubies.
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WTF is a top developer contract!?

A top contract is relative to each one's situation and current preferences. Depending on where you are and what your goals are, your dream contract can vary in the following elements:

  • hours
  • salary
  • team
  • meaningful work
  • skill-based work
  • product
  • workplace environment
  • location
  • support
  • tech stack

As a junior, you might get an offer for a high-end junior salary from a start-up, but if you don't get any pair programming time and tech support, you might instead opt for a cozy learn-all-day company with great mentors 🛋️

As a mid, you might want to deepen your infrastructure tech stack and work with the best teams, even if that means moving to a full-time on-site gig in Nebraska and working with Java 🪦

As a senior, you might enjoy the best work of your life, but you might need to switch if it's not covering your financial decisions (remember that Porsche collecting dust in your cellar garage?) 🤑

You see, motivation might differ, but the mechanism for getting there is the same:

To get where you want, you need a process and luck ⚙️

You decide what you need first, based on the criteria above. Then you create a process to accommodate that and to generate luck.

Playing Rules help you create your process and luck...

A free paywalled newsletter will help you create your process and follow through on it. We'll tackle this "process" in a structured manner and trailblaze your way through it. Please message me to get insights into top developer contract brains.

What you can expect:

  • detailed job search and process descriptions
  • thoughts of how I arrived at my top developer contracts so far
  • tweaks to improve your process
  • guest top developer contractors who want to share their thoughts on the topic

WTF is a "free paywalled newsletter"!?

It's free because anyone asking will be added after a quick scan.

It's a private community.

You will be anonymous if you don't comment on the posts. It's paywalled because it allows the authors to create content without worrying about who might read it.

But no system is ever failsafe because anyone can sneak in anytime, and the paywall might be removed anytime. So avoid posting anything sensitive in the comments.
The Great Wall.

If you join, you will have these posts available:

  1. Motivation and Plan

x. and more that I missed adding to this list until now :D


How can I join?

Shoot me a message with your motivation, profile (like LinkedIn, Twitter), and email address. Ways to contact me are on the about page.

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