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Alarm! Alarm! I'm an actual podcast co-host now, listening to my own weird bovine voice in my Apple and Spotify podcast feeds.


We already have 9 (NINE!) episodes that are all scheduled to be released in the next few days one by one.

Bouwe.io and I have been streaming on a weekly basis for a couple of months now. Reflecting on our content, we've decided that we actually might be doing too many things in one stream not serving anyone properly in the end.

We'll focus on publishing weekly on the podcast. But we'll also take some time to work on the practical video and live stream parts separately until we find a nice flow to incorporate those formats that we are passionate about.

We still love WebinarGeek and we'll use it whenever we hit the right use case for which the software was actually designed: Awesome well-prepared interactive events that benefit from extra organization, preparation, and marketing of any kind of a product.

Next Shape Ups

I'm in the middle of the final push of my current Shape Up spring. All good things come to some kind of an end, I'm already excited about the next Shape Up in March. While my memocortex.com MVP will (hopefully) be evaluated by the biggest brains in the memory techniques industry, I'll take 1-2 weeks to reflect, shape, and decide for the next Shape Up project.

The next Shape Up will go from somewhere in March until the 23rd of April because after that I will be in the US for a while, rocking the RailsConf and breathing some Florida air after some Atlanta/RailsConf scents.

So what will be the topic of the next Shape Up?

Mentee projects

There are a couple of former and current mentees who are very serious about making a Rails SaaS product out of their idea, I might join one of them for that.

Systemizing Mentoring and Coaching

My dear friend and tech brother Tobi, the master of the epic le4f.agency, is a visionary systemizer. I was happy to be mentored by him on systemizing and automating my coaching to make the most out of my and my mentee's time. There are a lot of ideas and approaches to implement which can definitely be an awesome low code 6-week project.

TDD workshop

I got some incredible feedback from a friend who actually went through my self-rolled Le Wagon TDD workshop with Ruby and Minitest alone.

This pumps me quite a bit to finally make it a fun, free, interactive, and easy-to-use course resource here on my blog 🤔

The next Shape Up could also become an extension of the current memory techniques project...

Or something else from the list...

Most importantly, I'd love to incorporate my next Shape Up project more into my writing, podcasting, and whatever else I end up doing. I'm pretty sure this will make the side projects even more fun.


I also submitted 10 (TEN!) CFPs to the RailsConf 2023 in a hyper-focused 3.5 hours writing and copy/pasta 🍝 marathon last week. If I become a speaker or workshop instructor at RailsConf, my Shape Up project will most probably circle around the conference topic somehow. However, to become a speaker there, I'll need to finetune my CFPs because they are probably way too rough. So I signed up for a free CFP coaching session provided by RailsConf. Hopefully, no one sees my submitted stuff until then 🙈

Happy hyper focus everyone and see you around!
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