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Shaping up memocortex.com goes well enough, so I'm looking forward to deploying the final touches next week 🎉

Accordingly, I only have a little time to write technical content. Almost everything in the backlog is in the WIP phase 🤷‍♂️

Luckily, the 9 scheduled episodes of the "Curious Coders Chronicles" podcast got out to Apple Podcasts and Spotify so that you can enjoy some of the very technical episodes here:

Disclaimer: I haven't listened to those talks because they haven't landed in my podcast feed yet for some reason. So I can't guarantee anything. But I remember having a good time recording them with my friend Bouwe so they might be alright.

I think these are three excellent ways to spend your lunch break:

  1. consume food and chat with your colleagues
  2. consume food in silence
  3. consume food and consume content

I had quite a bit of number 3. this week, and all of the talks were great bullseyes, all of them from last year's RubyConf Mini:

Here's another case in my life where attending a workshop saved me from a bitter mistake:

How to submit a conference talk proposal

In conclusion, doing more research before diving into something new can avoid costly mistakes. If, for some reason, I missed the workshop; I'd almost certainly lose those initially invested 3.5 hours completely without any chance to win anything.

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