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Employee developer job market turns company market

Employee developer job market turns company market
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I recently read in a newsletter that the developer job market is down and now turned from an employee market to a company market.
Meaning that previously the developer jobs came to the developers, whereas now there is less demand for developer work and more employees on the market.

I'm a tiny bit aware of massive layoffs at some big companies and about the economic situation not being the best. But I personally wouldn't yet speak in such big terms. Although I'm not an analyst nor an expert on job market fluctuations. All my expertise is based on my experience and the experience of people I happen to know. Let's see how this one develops over the next months.

Still, I thought that this would be a good time to publish a couple of notes that I have had for years, people might find this useful now:

Best software developer job search platforms

When I advise people on finding jobs, I usually strive to create a custom strategy and then use tactics to support it involving search on passive job platforms, active search, and networking.

If it's true that the job market is down and turning into a company market, you can still do something and put more effort into the latter part: Networking.

Developer job search mistakes

Whether you need to go on a search now or later, you might want to brush up on some general strings in your job search.

Any recent experiences you had with the job market? Happy to hear your thoughts 👇
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