Meet Rich

Meet Rich
The one himself.
In: Curiousities

Sometimes it's hard to know where to find me. Even for myself. So here's an up-to-date list.

Writing ✍️

🎉 You are here 🎉

Guest blogs:

Past tech blogs:

My ancient German poker blog from my times as a poker-pro kid:

Podcasts 🎙️

My own co-hosted with


Meetups and Events 🏟️

I'm organizing a local meetup in Barcelona:

(with some occasional remote sessions)


  • RailsConf in Atlanta
  • Rails SaaS Conf in Athens
  • Brighton Ruby (?)

Communities 🫂

More and less active periods:

  • RailsLink Slack
  • Ruby Discord

Office hours 🗃️

I have different office hours with various topics and times scattered throughout my blog posts. Like this one:

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