Meet Rich

Meet Rich
The one himself.
In: Curiousities

Sometimes it's hard to know where to find me. Even for myself. So here's an up-to-date list of some of my content productions, in my own spaces and as a guest somewhere else.

If you are looking for contact info, check out:

In-person 2024 👀

  • Ruby Unconf in Hamburg

I'm considering more confs from the nice selection this year as I go through the year, especially if drawn as a speaker at RailsConf, RubyConf, and Rails World.

Conference talks

"A Picture is Worth a 1000 Lines of Code" - RailsConf 2023

The talk is available on YouTube:

Get your visual brain activated 🎨


Writing ✍️

🎉 The source of truth of my content is, you are already here 🎉

I might be occasionally cross-posting to other platforms, but here is the up-to-date original stuff.


Past tech blogs:

My ancient German poker blog from my times as a poker-pro kid:

Podcasts 🎙️

I am co-hosting the Curious Coders Chronicles with to interview ourselves and the industry's most curious minds about all the incredible things that are going on in the software engineering industry.


Meetups and Events 🏟️

I'm organizing a local meetup in Barcelona for people to chat about Ruby, Rails, getting unstuck in their projects, and preparing themselves for their overall tech challenges:


It's primarily a local meetup with occasional remote sessions.

Communities 🫂

With more and less active periods:

  • RailsLink Slack
  • Ruby Discord

Office hours 🗃️

I have different office hours with various topics and times scattered throughout my blog posts. Like this one:

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