Rich's Services

How I can usually help.

I have all sorts of activities that I enjoy doing wholeheartedly to make developer lives go more smoothly. Let me know if you'd like to talk about any of them:

Individual Coaching

I've helped numerous entrepreneurs to get rolling with programming in their own projects and I also helped getting juniors into a career as a web developer:

How it works:

  1. You explain your situation and motivation in detail (in writing)
  2. Get to know call and potentially commitment if there’s a match
  3. High-level plan and collaboration proposal
  4. Decision
  5. Payment
  6. Detailed plan proposal
  7. Regular catch-ups and intermittent support to boost your progress

Content Writing

I write more and less technical articles and tutorials about coding, team processes, and the tech industry, including unique hand-crafted visuals.

Published articles

  • HubSpot developer blog:

You Guide to Data Migrations and Synchronizations

Popular visual tutorials that were “trending” on social media

Trending on Ruby Reddit:

Trending in JavaScript Reddit:

A published sketchnote on Sam Julien's blog:

How it works:

  1. Get to know call and potentially project commitment if there’s a match
  2. Proposal of writing structure and meta details (due dates, word count etc)
  3. Decision
  4. Payment
  5. Iterative delivery


  • The minimum cost is 500 € (high quality 800 - 1500 words about a topic I’m familiar with, minimum visuals)
  • No ghost blogging


I was the organizer of coding and tech events in Barcelona:

We can organize (recurring) events around your favorite topic. I can bring you in front of a local/remote Ruby on Rails bootcamp and user-group audience in Barcelona/worldwide, either with recurring or punctual events. I have access to small and big venues and I'm in contact with other collaborators who can make those events bigger.

Coding Micro-Projects

I’m currently only available for small encapsulated software projects. Examples can be:

  • consultation and creation of a content or web presence page
  • code snippets and small API integrations to extend your no-code website’s functionality

I can connect you with the great agencies and freelancers for bigger projects in these areas:

  • Platforms and apps (Ruby and Rails type of projects)
  • Data-driven Python projects
  • Amazingly-designed websites and NFT (Webflow)
  • SEO and digital marketing sites

How it works:

  1. Get to know call and potentially project commitment if there’s a match
  2. Solution proposal
  3. Decision
  4. First part payment
  5. Iterative delivery
  6. Final payment
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