Visuals at the RailsConf and Rubocop’s Thought Process

Visuals at the RailsConf and Rubocop’s Thought Process

The first drawings I remember making were labyrinths of traps and tiny stick figure wars in my fabulous pre-school life. Then, I drew my last picture when I was about 15 years old, more or less. It involved chainsaws and zombies. Then I paused for ~12 years, with occasional sketch gigs, but generally decided I couldn't draw with my two left hands.

20 years later, I'm on a mission to spread chainsaws, stick figures with poor eyesight, and sketch notes across the tech industry 🎨

Next stop at: RailsConf - You CAN solve software problems with pictures!.

Pictures give an excellent ground to spark understanding, conversations, memorable moments, and engagement in a world full of text walls, contrived code examples, and loud individuals 🗣️

Everyone who says they can't draw could need a little bump and a suggestion for a reliable process to get going.

Logically, I'm also using a visual framework (called the "Popup Pitch") to create the presentation. Here's how you do an outline of your storyline with that framework in 12 minutes:

Curious Coders Chronicles

As promised last week, something for curious developer ears was launched. 🎧

Two more episodes are coming up next week and we already have material for the week after 🎸🤘

Why, Rubocop!?

It turns out that Rubocop is not very clear regarding its Why.

This is an understandable offense, Rubocop not liking how I concatenated a string somewhere:

 C: [Correctable] Style/LineEndConcatenation: Use \\\\ instead of + or << to concatenate those strings.
    "<{client_id}&redirect_uri=#{redirect_uri}>" +
7 files inspected, 1 offense detected, 1 offense autocorrectable
exit status 1
SUMMARY: (done in 2.68 seconds)
🥊  rubocop

But Why!? I would not know why not, nor do I prefer to concatenate strings with \\\\ or <<. But I was still curious and got my researcher hat on, searched at least five links on the Internet, and found out that, luckily, there is an explanation in the rubocop docs:

The Mighty Rubocop Docs

Aaaand, Rubocop is actually very clear about the what and how, but it still needs to be about the WHY!? :D

Let's trust it. Sometimes, you just need a decision with no explanation because it does not matter.

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